Budgeting Your Dreams is all about living on an island. Wether you are a part-time resident or full time the fact that you are on an island isn't changing anytime soon. And that is the reason we love it. There are however several things you can do that will enable your paradise found. The first is scheduling the time you would like to start creating your project and when you want to actually experience it. That time is so crucial to budgeting I can't emphasize it enough. Allowing enough time for a project to be conceived, planned and executed is the most important thing you can do to save money.

If you want the best your money will buy you must allow the time it takes to source everything your project will require. Maui has limited resources, that not only includes the materials, but the qualified persons to build it and install it. It takes time to source materials for our beautiful island climate. If the desired materials can be locally sourced you will get the best hand picked money can buy, that have had time to acclimate to island climate. Humidity and salt air play a huge role in how materials react and need time to adjust. Expansion and contraction affects how something is not only built, but how it is installed and most importantly, if it will stand the test of time. If we have to bring anything from off island it is a blind purchase and there will be sizable shipping fees. Sourcing the people qualified to build and install a project may be more important then the materials used. Knowing how different materials react in Maui climate takes years of experience and installing it correctly is crucial to allow for our humidity changes and trade winds. Vanover Cabinets has the experience with sourcing local materials and working with the local qualified trades to ensure you get the best your money will buy. So spend your money wisely by planning and allowing plenty of time for your dream to be created.

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