At Vanover Cabinets we are happy to give you a quote for your project. We would like to explain how a quote is conceived. When you ask for a quote we must receive a copy of your plans, if it is a new build or a remodel. If it is a piece of furniture we talk at length about your idea and what kinds of materials can be used. We then must source all the materials to be used and get the market price at the time of the quote. Depending on how far out the start of the project is estimated we do our very best to quote you the prices of materials for the time of the build. Please understand that market prices fluctuate and if you are asking for a quote more then 6 months from the start of the build we may have to adjust prices on certain materials desired. We then estimate the time the build will take and the labor involved. We do our absolute best to give you the lowest price and the best value for your project. If you accept our quote we will work with you or your designer or contractor to make sure the price given in the quote is attainable at the time of the build. 

We at Vanover Cabinets understand that sometimes changes are needed in order for you to receive the desired outcome of your project. We must enlighten you to the fact, that changes cost time and money, depending on materials and labor involved. And if there is a change that involves shipping be prepared to experience the true cost of island life. We must reiterate here, that we do everything within our power, to ensure you receive the absolute best price we can give you. Included in the quoted price is a fumigation treatment administered by Bowman Termite. If we have to take the time out of our very busy schedule to give you a second quote we must charge you for that time. What we love the most is building your project and making sure you are as pleased with the outcome as you are with this beautiful island. Contact us

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